View Full Version : 152 Ektar - what's the filter size

John Welton
12-Nov-2000, 23:03
What's the filer size for a Kodak Ektar 152mm (Crown Graphic).

Thanks John

Harry L. Martin
13-Nov-2000, 01:33
John I own 4x5 Crown Graphic with a 152mm lens. I use a KODAK SERIES 7 ADAPTER RING that slips over the outside of the front lens (Just measure its diameter). Try ebay to find one. From that you can stick with Series 7 filters or use a Series 7 to mm step-up-ring. I have used 52mm on up to 60mm filters on the camera. Use what filters you've got! The Crown is a great camera! Have fun, Harry

Robert A. Zeichner
13-Nov-2000, 07:57
That lens takes a 44.5mm slip-on adapter. Your best bet is a used camera show unless you have a dealer in the area that's been in business for 50 years and never throws anything away.

John Lehman
13-Nov-2000, 14:15
Series 6 filters also work with the appropriate adapter ring