View Full Version : Rodenstock 90mm 4.5 on Cambo Wide??

Michael T. Murphy
13-Nov-2007, 14:43
Hi folks,

I know I am unlikely to get an answer, but I thought I would ask - Before I take off my existing 90mm, take my Rodenstock off the lens board, try to find a helical, etc.... :D

I have a Cambo Wide with the 90mm cone and a Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8.0 that came mounted.

I *really* like my Rodenstock 90mm 4.5 much better than the SA, especially around f/8.0, which is where I like to work for street handheld shots. The SA is not that great wide open, while the Rodenstock is great at f/8.0 and can also do f/5.6 if needed. I also like the much brighter GG with the Rodenstock.

I know I can get the Rodenstock to focus. But I am not sure that it will physically fit the inside portion of the cone on the Cambo Wide?

Anyone have experience trying to mount this lens? I guess I will take the whole thing apart this weekend to see if I can get it to fit.

The other option would be to go with a Fotoman 45PS with the Rodenstock. But I already have a Beattie Intenscreen for the Cambo, which helps a *lot*, and a Cambo viewing hood. I will probably have to get the helical from Fotoman.


Bob Salomon
13-Nov-2007, 16:03
Rodenstock makes helical focusing mounts for their lenses in 0 shutter. This means that there is one for the 90mm 6.8 but not for the 90mm 4.5.

Michael T. Murphy
13-Nov-2007, 19:51
Thanks Bob!

I just ordered a Fotoman 45PS with a cone and helical for the 90mm 4.5. I **love** that lens!! In fact, I decided to go to all Rodenstock lenses for consistent color after buying the 90mm and liking the quality so much.

I can't wait to get that setup, it should be great for hand-held and monpod work. Nice, bright ground glass, and great quality at f/8.0 I did two trips to Chicago this summer when the weather was nice to test out hand held street shots there with the 4x5.

I also got a cone for a 125mm that I have. I'll have to add one for a 65mm later, then buy a Rodenstock 150mm and get a cone for that. That should give me a great selection of lenses for street work.

Hope we get a few more nice days before the cold and gloom decends. Otherwise I have a trip to Mexico in February, Denver in March. Back to the studio until then :(