View Full Version : ACROS 100 Processing in JOBO

12-Nov-2007, 14:07
Anyone have a decent starting point for processing Acros 100 (120 film, 6x7 format and 35mm as well) in a JOBO CPE2 Plus processor. I use D76 in either straight or 1:1 for most of my processing. I am gearing toward 8 minutes at 68 degrees from the standard 10 1/2 minutes small tank processing. Any suggestions of other types of developer and methods to use? :o

Robert Ley
12-Nov-2007, 15:08
Check out this site: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html
It is a great source for starting times for most films and developers.
Of course these are just starting points YMMV!


Ron Marshall
12-Nov-2007, 15:10
XTOL 1:1 works great with Acros.

Ted Harris
12-Nov-2007, 15:20
I process ACROS 4x5 for 10.2 minutes @ 68 degrees and 25 rotations per minute in a 3006/3010/3005 tank using Rodinal 1:50 in an ATL 2003.

12-Nov-2007, 15:29
Thanks for the info Robert, Ron & Ted. I'll experiment.