View Full Version : Photographing the Southwest book was great advice.

11-Nov-2007, 21:11
I just returned from a trip to Arizona and Utah and I want to give thanks to anybody that has posted the advice to get "Photographing the Southwest" by Laurent Martres. These series of books are amazing. He must have spent decades getting the information for these books because there were back roads and byways advice that are not to be believed. I really liked Valley of the Gods, probably better than Monument Valley, and I got some keepers for sure. This was my first Southwest trip and just a 1.5 week recon but it was an amazing trip. Here are a couple of down and dirty shots.

Thanks for being here!

Richard Adams

QT Luong
11-Nov-2007, 22:59
In case someone is interested, I've a few extra 3-volume sets for $50 shipped in the US.

Doremus Scudder
14-Nov-2007, 09:06

If these are the 2006 edition, I'm interested. I'll PM you as well.

Doremus Scudder

14-Nov-2007, 14:33
I concur, that these are great books. I met Laurent Martres in Palo Alto at the Art and Wine Festival and he is a true gentleman and pleasure to talk to.