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Hugo Zhang
9-Nov-2007, 22:25

Now I see why Fine Art XXL 550mm lenses in shutters are not selling at brisk pace. People want older lenses!

But come on, a barrel lens at over $4,800 with almost two days to go? Admitted, it's the smallest and lightest lens covering 20x24" at that length and that lens is not made anymore.

I love old lenses too. My SSXL 110mm and 150mm have beening hiding in my closet for years while I shamelessly flirt with lenses 100 years older than them. But at this price, my eyes are popping out of my head!

Jim Galli
9-Nov-2007, 23:28
Heavy hitters league. You'd need a 40X56" plate for it to be a wide angle. His other items are kind of eye popping too. Don't you need that Trigor Hugo? I mailed the XV off to you this AM.

Walter Calahan
10-Nov-2007, 05:52
Ain't it a beauty!

Put your eyes back in your head, sit back, and enjoy the fact that some people have money and are willing to spend it on photography!

Thanks for pointing out the price rise. I saw it when it was first posted at a much cheaper price. Grin.

Hugo Zhang
10-Nov-2007, 06:03

I wouldn't mind a backup Trigor, but not at that price. I will be interested to see how it ends. The last 14" gold dot Dagor MC version finished over $2,800 two weeks ago.

I will be watching for the postman. :)

Jim Galli
10-Nov-2007, 09:42
sit back, and enjoy the fact that some people have money and are willing to spend it on photography!.

Like looking in through the glass walls at the high rollers playing with more money on one roll than I'll ever earn in my wee life but I doubt very much photons will ever get redirected at a light sensitive plane through that lens again.

John Schneider
10-Nov-2007, 13:09
I'm shocked how much the Pantagonal from the same seller is going for right now. Most of the last half-dozen or so Pantagonals went for around $4-600; even the last one this spring, from that master of promotion Dagor77, only went for $400 and change. For the bid amount you could buy a real Hypergon and be done with it (or any number of similarly nice but not over-priced classic lenses)

CP Goerz
12-Nov-2007, 03:18
Pantagonals are terrible lenses as the buyer will find out, soft, dim and the angle of coverage isn't anything even close to what the specs are...and paople say I'm to fluffy with my coverage figures!! :-0

CP Goerz/dagor77