View Full Version : How do Artars ,19" in particular, perform at infinity?

steve Barth
10-Nov-2000, 09:45
Does anyone have info to share on the ability of RD Artars to focus sharply at i nfinity? They are designed for graphic arts work which is usually close up. I am primarily interested in landscape. Any light shed on this subject would be g reatly appreciated.

Thanks SB

Jim McGlasson
10-Nov-2000, 09:58
I have used 19", 24", and 30" Artars on my 14x17 field camera for several years with fantastic results. These lenses have performed flawlesly in closeups, still lifes and outdoor landscapes. I highly recommend them to you.

Chad Jarvis
10-Nov-2000, 16:47
I have a 450mm RD Artar that was sharp and contrasty. I used it extensively for 8x10 landscapes, and it performed wonderfully.

Chad Jarvis
10-Nov-2000, 16:47
That should be "HAD".

Doug Paramore
10-Nov-2000, 19:04
Great. I have a 19" Artar that is blazingly sharp. A loupe on the negative shows detail you would swear was impossible to register.


Chris Partti
10-Nov-2000, 20:03
I also have a 19" Artar, which is older, not pristine, but no serious scratches, marks or separations, which makes wonderfully sharp 8x10 contact prints.

Julio Fernandez
11-Nov-2000, 13:09
If the performance of the Rodenstock Apo Ronar at infinity is any indication, that of the Artar should also be outstanding, since both designs are very similar if not identical. The Apo Ronars in shutter in current production have the advantage that they are multicoated with all the benefits that this entails.