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9-Nov-2007, 06:25
I see that most pro labs offer some kind of print coating. I am starting a photo business out of my home and have no formal training. The lab I am looking at doing business with offers clear and luster coating.

Their web site says that it is environmentally friendly, provides UV protection and replaces laquer spray coating. That is all the info they have about these coatings. Should these coatings also provide scratch resistance and water resistance? If so to what extent? If a print were accidentally immersed in water and snatched out could it be dried with a napkin or towel and expect it to survive?

Gene McCluney
9-Nov-2007, 10:21
The coatings primary purpose is twofold, as I see it. One, is to filter out UV light, to help keep the color print from fading over time. Two, to modify surface texture, such as making a print "Matte" surface, or "Lustre" surface, from a glossy original print.

The traditional laquer spray is not really water soluable, so would resist moisture on the surface. These new sprays are an unknown to me, in regards waterproof qualities. The paper inner layer is still exposed at the edges of the print, regardless of surface spray.