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8-Nov-2007, 16:32
I apologize if this is common knowledge and I just missed it. Is there any kind of a chart out there listing the fastest shutter speed possible with the various shutters? I can't seem to find the shutter speed listed on the lens's spec sheets.

Copal 0 = 1/500
Copal 1 = 1/400
Copal 3 = 1/125

Are these figures right, or is does it just depend on the lens?


Kevin Crisp
8-Nov-2007, 16:46
Your figures look right to me. I doubt there is a chart for older shutters but if there is one anywhere somebody will know about it. Realistically, I suspect the average top shutter speed used by LF landscape shooters is 1/30th or so, which makes the ability to shoot at 1/500th or even 1/125th pretty unimportant. My most often used shutter speeds with all shutters (using Tri-x) is 1/8th - 1/10th.

Peter K
8-Nov-2007, 16:51
Hi Brian,

your figures are right and the speed is independend from the lens. You can download more informations from the website of Schneider


Peter K