View Full Version : Whats the diff between a Compur & a Syncro-Compur

Bill Brady
9-Nov-2000, 13:15
Hi, great pages here, have read almost all but I have a question remaining. I just ordered a Angulon in a Syncro-Compur (used but with return priv.). To get a jump on making a lensboard I asked the mounting hole size was and was told 35 mm. This don't jive with any of the numbers I see here or on Schneiders site. What g ives? Is a Syncro-Compur different than a Compur? If so how?


John H. Henderson
9-Nov-2000, 13:56
See Steve Grime's Website (http://www.skgrimes.com/) for good information on shutters.

For most conventional shutters, the hole size is dependent upon the shutter size - 00, 0, 1, 2, or 3 are most typical. Your shutter, for example, may be referred to as a "Syncro-Compur 1."

There are different Compurs, and I'm guessing that "Syncro" may indicate the inclusion of a flash firing circuit/mechanism, but I'm not sure.

Grimes' web site indicates a 34.6mm hole for size 0 (zero), 41.6mm for size 1, 65mm for size 3, etc.

Bill Brady
9-Nov-2000, 15:28
I guess when they said 35mm they were referring to 34.8mm. That is the size given by Schneider for a Compur 0. (the shutter I am getting is a Syncro-Compur size 0).

BTW the reason I went for the Angulon vs a SA is size/weight. I used to have a Toyo w/90mm SA that I used as a field camera and it was just too heavy/complicated for use in the field. This time round I bought a Tachihara and older but smaller/lighter lenses.

Charlie Stracl
9-Nov-2000, 15:29
A "synchro" shutter has a connection for a flash (electronic or bulb). All modern shutters have these. But in the 1st half of 20th century, some didn't have this, so shutters with syncronization were labelled as such.

The hole size will vary with the shutter size.

Bob Salomon
10-Nov-2000, 08:05
The major difference for a user was that the Synchro Compur had MXV for (M = medium peax flash bulbs ie Press 5, 5b, 25, 25B), X for electronic flash = 0 delay) V for self timer.

The current Compur only has X synch.

In addition 1 and 3 Compur shutters have 1/3rd click stops for the aperture the older shutters usually don't.

Additionally current Compur shutter can have an aperture selector stick added to the back of the shutter Synchro Compurs usually did not have this feature.