View Full Version : Horseman VH-R

John Dorio
29-Jul-1998, 11:31
What is the maximum lens size that will fit on a VHR lensboard for 4x5 work ? T o use with 4x5 film and movements, will the bellows need to be replaced for the wider variety ? What are the 4x5 limitations of this camera considering that lan dscapes are the normal subject ? How is this camera rated for 4x5 work ? All com ments are welcome. Thanks.

Tim Kimbler
29-Jul-1998, 23:25

I can't answer the questions about your camera, but I see you found the home-pag e I told you about.


Bob Eskridge
1-Aug-1998, 20:17
The VHR is a 2 1/4 X 3 1/2 camera. It would require a 4 X 5 adapter back to con vert to 4 X 5. This adapter attaches to the BACK of the camera (rather than a r eplacement) via the Graflok locks so is a compromise.

The Horseman FA is a 4 X 5 camera using the same lensboards.

The lensboards are 80MM square and will accept Copal 1 shutters and lenses with a real bell diameter no larger than 65mm.

Many lenses will work up to at least the 270 Nikon telephoto.