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Former Member 8144
7-Nov-2007, 13:43
For the older arca size (171) wide angle bellows the arca pdf catalogue lists the leather 20cmm wide angle bellows as good for lenses from 35 to 210 but the synthetic version as good for 35-180.

Have people found this to be the case in practice that the synthetic gives a smaller range of lenses, or another way around...what are the 'in practice' usable lenses with these wide angle bellows, and so for lenses ranging from 58mm to 210mm can you really get by with just the one bellows set (wide angle leather?)



john collins
7-Nov-2007, 14:54
Hello Mark,

I've found that using a 210mm lens with the 171 leather bellows is pushing it if you want to use much in the way of movements. At least I was not comfortable seeing the strain on the leather using a 210 with movements. The maximum that I use is a 180.

9-Nov-2007, 21:30
I use the leather WA bellows with a 210 often, but like john pointed out, not much movement.

I enjoy the leather much more than the synthetic, simply because they never need to be pulled "out of the way"; the synthetics tend to bundle in between the two standards a lot. The ribs/pleats on the WA prevents them from getting caught in the middle.


evan clarke
10-Nov-2007, 07:59
The leather universal draws to about 270mm and is the best solution for the 171mm camera...EC

Former Member 8144
10-Nov-2007, 08:27
Thanks for all the very informative replies.
Very helpfull.