View Full Version : Washing Efke 8x10 Film- Got Scratches!

6-Nov-2007, 09:53
OK, I'd heard this stuff is easy to scratch but you weren't kidding at all! I processed my first few sheets this past weekend, one sheet at a time, emulsion side up ia a clean tray. Still got scratches. The only time that more then one sheet was in a tray was in the wash, so I figure that's when it happened.
How does one wash this film without getting scratches and any other ideas about what I can do to prevent scratches during any other steps?

thank you!!
Robert Newcomb

Daniel Grenier
6-Nov-2007, 10:39
Thisw stuff is indeed really fragile. Get yourself a proper film/print washer with separate compartments and you'll be fine. I do one sheet at a time throughout the whole process and I'm (usually) able to avoid scratches.

6-Nov-2007, 13:25
I develop mine in Pyrocat HD or PC. The tanning seems to help prevent scratches. I still process one negative at a time.

6-Nov-2007, 14:38
Does anybody put the sheets of film in stainless hangers just for the washing part. I don't see too many washers for film in 8x10 size and I'm wondering if a print washer will touch the sides of the film and scratch it anyway?

Chuck Pere
6-Nov-2007, 15:14
I wash my sheet film in hangers. Seems to work fine. And hangers are cheap. I use a smallish washer I built out of plexiglass but you could use a print washer.

Herb Cunningham
6-Nov-2007, 15:31
hangers are it. I have a tank that will take 4 or maybe 5 8x10 hangers, water connection on the bottom, reverse flow over the top, and there you are.

On another note, I managed to tray process some 5x7 this past week without scratching any of the Efke sheets, I had a lot of developer etc in the trays, and the shuffling was VERY slow so the film was almost floating - I think you can develop the touch, but hangers are my first choice also for developing-no surge marks if you lift very slowly, re immerse also slowy.

good luck

al olson
6-Nov-2007, 18:51
Does using a fixer with a hardener help reduce scratching on the Efke emulsions?

6-Nov-2007, 20:03
With more than one sheet at a time in the tray, try emulsion side down. The idea is that when you pull the bottom sheet out to agitate, that it can catch a corner of the sheet above.

For washing I use a print washer with minimal water flow.

7-Nov-2007, 08:14
Are they 4 x 5 negatives? Or larger? I recommend the smallest of trays to avoid corners moving/floating around and possibly scratching other negatives, so for 4 x 5 use a 6 x 7 tray, and 8 x 10 use an 8 x 10 tray, or 10 x 12...

When I rinse, I shuffle from bottom to top, but when I do, I align the negatives in a perfect stack so when I pick from the bottom the negative slides in alignment iwth the stack and no corners are protruding that may cause problems. I do emulsion side up with success, but the post above has logic to it as well. I do up to 10 8 x 10's at a time.

A previous poster mentione pyro - which I would agree helps harden the emulsion, also makes it slippery and easier to shuffle...maybe worth a try...

It's VERY frustrating to get a scratch...

You may want to check loading the film as well, because this process can cause scratches? It does appear that your issue is in washing though. Hope you solve it soon as EFKE is nice film to work with even with the soft emulsion..

Philippe Grunchec
7-Nov-2007, 09:17
Efke/Adox films need to be hardened, as said in the instructions booklet! Pyro does the job. If you don't use pyro, hardener should be added even to the stop bath.

7-Nov-2007, 10:01
My attempts to tube proccess met with similar problems. It was very easy to damage it getting it out of the tube.

I had the same problem the first time I tried to tray proccess Efke in 4x5. Happened in the wash when I put them in together. I didn't have a compartment washer at the time, but I did have a 4x5 slosh tray to hold 4 sheets of 4x5 ( I think I got mine from Photographers Formulary) I started using that to develop stop fix and wash in trays, and had no further problems. I was using Pyrocat at the time, too.

Jim Noel
7-Nov-2007, 16:58
I develop 8x10 and 7x17 Efke 100 in trays 4 at a time, emulsion down and have never had a scratch. Tender care and hardening are the answer. I only use pyrogallol and pyrocatechol developers which tan the film as they process.