View Full Version : Got my Schneider 400/5.6 Apo Tele Xenar Compact !!!

Sol Campbell
9-Nov-2000, 03:02
About a month ago I posted a question here asking if I made a mistake ordering t his new lens because I thought it may not work on my Toyo 45AX due to its large Copal 3 shutter.

Since then I managed to find a Toyo #3 lensboard and now just today I got my new lens! Finally!

Well it fits like a glove. The lens comes with a spacer so that the shutter has nice little gap from the lensboard. Also the lens really is quite "Compact" for what it is. It balances well with the Toyo and it is not too heavy as it is.

Another thing I was worried about was close focusing. And again I am pleased. It will focus as close as 12 feet WITHOUT my extension back. Of course with the ex tension back it will focus much closer still. But that means for landscape work I won't need to take the bulky extension back along.

So all in all I am very pleased to have replaced my Nikon 500/11 lens with this masterpiece. It is about the same size and weight. TWO stops faster! Much bigger image circle. And does not need that extension back!

Now I need to shoot some Velvia and see....

Carl Mondragon
10-Nov-2000, 12:21

Congrats ! Where did you buy it and how much ? Let me know how your chromes do.



Sol Campbell
10-Nov-2000, 15:06
I purchased it from a dealer I found on E-Bay and I paid $1400 for it. I ordered it over a month ago and paid a $100 deposit and the balance on delivery.

I just looked and there is one on E-Bay right now too. So I guess the they are finally shipping now.

Now I am waiting for the Super Symmar 80 XL......