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6-Nov-2007, 06:24
I would like to capture the fury of the lake at this time of the year. Today the wind is around 40mph. I have not traveled much in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good overlooks to do some shooting?


George Stewart
6-Nov-2007, 08:30
The book "The Lake Superior Images" by Craig Blacklock is an outstanding book. Most of the shots were done with a 4x5. If I recall correctly, there is a map inside giving the locations where images were made. There are currently some for sale on Amazon.

Eric James
6-Nov-2007, 10:10
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a gem in the UP - there are many overlooks and prominences, including Indianhead Point.

John Schneider
6-Nov-2007, 10:49
I'd consider the Keweenaw Peninsula and Whitefish Point, and another vote for Pictured Rocks -- there are some rocky cliffs there that freeze with dripping groundwater in winter, making for both decent ice climbing and great views.

7-Nov-2007, 05:26
Thanks guys!

7-Nov-2007, 22:59
You need to watch the forecast. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/product.php?site=DLH&product=GLF&issuedby=LS

Looks like a calm spell is upon us now.
In recent days/weeks there have been 20+ foot wave predictions for the open waters, though I dont know if they materialized or not. Most of the winds recently have been westerly so the best action will be on the eastern part of the lake. When they switch east, the west part of the lake is the place to be. Duluth can be pretty impressive when really big waves come out of the east.


23-Nov-2007, 18:03
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a gem in the UP A favorite of mine is the Mosquito River campground about 5 miles east of the start of the PR trail in Munising and about 2.5 miles east of the Miner's Castle parking area if you can get there. You cannot drive to the camp, but it is well worth the hike. Along the shoreline are sandstone caves carved by the action of the lake and in rough seas they thunder with some incredible crashing waves. I've seen the spray shooting out over 100 feet into the air and the ground will rumble beneath your feet.

An easier, driveable approach would be the Hurricane River campground or Twelve Mile Beach, both not too far west of Grand Marais on the eastern side of the park. The road (H-58) to Twelve Mile also has an incredible Birch forest along the way. Near there is also the Logslide which affords an incredible view of the shoreline both east and west.