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5-Nov-2007, 23:30
Hey Guys,
I stumbled across this site while researching the Toyo-View 45CF camera. I Have been doing digital photography for years and I am now picking up a photo minor in college. I have spent my first semester in the darkroom exploring the farthest reaches of my imagination. It has been an incredible eye-opening experience for me! I envisioned I would detest the darkroom's meticulous nature and the comparative time vs photoshop/digital distribution. I was wrong. I am completely in love with the dark room, it has expanded my creative process farther than I ever imagined before, and it also happens to help to have a complete and utter genius of a teacher (he worked with Ansel Adams for years and years).

I have had such a good experience that I really want to take things to the next level with a large format camera, while I am very well versed in the concepts and ideas of photography, I have no experience with Large Format photography, so, I plan on buying one very very soon so I can get some practice on it before I take a trip to Rome and Florence for Christmas (on which I plan on taking my LFcamera). I have talked to many people about the feasibility of this, along with film transportation issues, but I would love to dig myself into this community you have here for more detailed feedback, your own experience, and also as an artistic outlet with other like-minded photography enthusiasts.

I look forward to learning from all of you, and then sharing my work.

6-Nov-2007, 07:50
Welcome. :)

Ralph Barker
6-Nov-2007, 07:55
Welcome to LF, Jordan.

Scott Davis
6-Nov-2007, 08:03
Welcome to LF, you're down the rabbit hole now! Don't even think about taking the blue pill.

Pat Kearns
6-Nov-2007, 10:06
Welcome to the world of LF. I suggest looking at an 8x10 with a 4x5 reducing back. You will get the best of both worlds. As far as loving the darkroom, yeah there is something magical when the image appears on the paper in the developer.

Ted Harris
6-Nov-2007, 13:08
Welcome Jordan,

If you search the database of the Forum looking for things like "first camera" or "beginner" etc. you will find a plethora of threads that will both help and set your head spinning. I say set your head spinning because you will find many personal opinions on how to start ranging from those that recommend a 50 year old Speed Graphic to those that recommend a Linhof Tecchnika (why not start with the best).

Bottom line, the Toyo CF is among the most mentioned cameras for starting out. Along with the the CF you will find many mentions of the Tachihara and the Shen_Hao. Most folks will steer you away from the CF because of its limited movements and its rather fragile build quality. Among the other two you choose between higher quality in the Tachihara but somewhat limited movements and slightly lower quality but all the movements you could ask for in the Shen Hao. Now, the new Chamonix may also be a player in the low price field. My recommendation would be the Tachihara.