View Full Version : Taylor Taylor Hobson 6 inch with Shew disk shutter

5-Nov-2007, 11:06
I recently obtained a TTH 6 inch lens with a Shew disc shutter on it. It is mounted in a brass barrel which slides in and out of the brass mounting ring presumably to change focal length maybe on a box camera?

Has anyone come across anything like this before and have any idea how old it might be?


Ernest Purdum
6-Nov-2007, 11:08
The Shew "Eclipse" cameras had lenses like this, mostly made by Darlot, starting in 1885. The cameras were strut cameras rather than box types, but the sliding lens barrel was the only means of focusing. I am guessing that your TT&H example is considerably later than the Darlots, perhaps right around the turn of the century (nineteenth, that is).