View Full Version : Ilex Paragon 6 1/2" f:4.5 filter diameter

Jiri Vasina
4-Nov-2007, 15:05

please, can anyone of you with Ilex Paragon 6 1/2" f:4.5 lens (in No.3 Shutter) tell me what is the diameter of the filter mount? I have the lens at hand, have measured it and it seems to be around 48mm - but the 48mm adapter ring I have doesn't fit - so is it the next smaller one - the 46mm? (I'd like to know before I order yet another adapter ring :) ).

Thanks a lot


Sanjay Sen
4-Nov-2007, 17:36
I was going to measure the filter threads on my Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 6 1/2" F:4.5 lens when I realized that it doesn't have any! The lens I have is a "Series S" though, so maybe these do not have the threads. Wish I could help...

Mark Sampson
5-Nov-2007, 07:35
It's probable that your lens doesn't conform the the mm-threads that we're used to from 35mm cameras and modern LF lenses. It probably uses a push-on adapter for Series 7 filters, with a retaining ring. Kodak and other makers made dozens of sizes of these; finding the right size might be a lengthy search, but they're out there.