View Full Version : 11x14 Unicolor drum for 4x5 negs

John MacKechnie
4-Nov-2007, 07:17
I will be developing 4x5 bw negs in an 11x14 Unicolor Drum. Am I correct that I will need 500ml of developer/water. I'll be using D-76.

Thanks, John

7-Nov-2007, 07:54
I use 250ml in a 8X10 drum so I would think that 500 should be sufficient. However the 11X14 unicolor drum (in my experience) will not hold a 4X5 sheet.

keith english
7-Nov-2007, 09:17
If it's the same drum I had it held 6 ozs in the little tray before it dumped it on rotation. Mine had removable guides that let you put up to 8 4x5s in it. It worked fine for a while then started popping all the negatives out as soon as it started rotating, of course resulting in them bouncing around and damaging each other. I still don't know why it does this, it seems like it was when I switched from Tri-X to T-max. Could the backing make a difference, or the stiffness of the film, or could it be cut slightly different?