View Full Version : Unicolor roller model number

3-Nov-2007, 23:09
What is the model number that has self reverse? Does jobo 3010 work on the roller?

Chuck Pere
4-Nov-2007, 04:36
Mine is 352. I don't have a 3010 so can't help you with that. I use 3005 and 3006. Also the drum does not make a complete turn before reversing. I didn't like this and modified my base with some electronics to turn twice before reversing. But I'm really not sure the standard base is a problem as I've never tried it. You can easily disable the mechanical reversing switch and do reversals by hand. This option also lets you give the tank a shake or two to help breakup the agitation flow.

Robert A. Zeichner
4-Nov-2007, 05:40
I had problems with the Unicolor base. Not enough rotation before reversing. I then got a Beseler motor base cat. no. 8922 and the problem was solved. I keep it as a back up should my Jobo ever fail.

4-Nov-2007, 06:07
Mine was Unicolor 352 and I replaced it with a Beseler, not sure which model right now. I had the same problem with both of them, they didn't turn a full circle with a 3006, but the Unicolor also had less powerful motor and turned a bit slower, so I kept the Beseler.

In the end, the reversal feature didn't matter because I ended up adding electronic switch to it and disabling the original reversal mechanism, which was rather crude, anyway. I posted about it in another thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=25825&page=2&highlight=beseler+reversing).

4-Nov-2007, 07:37
Thanks everyone.

tim atherton
4-Nov-2007, 08:53
I'd add I used the Unicolor drums with no problem with the 3005 drum. The lack of a full revolution didn't seem to matter. I did however introduce an irregularly into one of the rollers to aid random flow...

It also stood up to rolling the 3005 drum with up to 1l of developer over 3 or 4 years use with no problems