View Full Version : fr developing tank?

3-Nov-2007, 22:52
Is anyone currently using or has anyone used the fr developing tank made in New York? Just curious about any nuances or particulars to watch out for or tricks for use: i.e loading, agitation, etc? Thank you in advance for any info and forgive me if this topic has already been covered.

Gene McCluney
4-Nov-2007, 03:46
If you are talking about the FR square shaped tank designed for sheet film. I used one years ago, and did not like the experience. The lid pouring funnel does not allow a cap, so you cannot invert for agitation. You are limited to rocking side to side, which can result in uneven development. For small runs of sheet film in 4x5 or smaller, I much prefer the Combi-Plan tank, which has a sealable lid, and can be inverted for agitation.

4-Nov-2007, 07:56
hi mark

over at equinoxphotographic.com
there are instructions for the fr tanks.
i have a few, but they take so much fluid
i just use trays ...

good luck!