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3-Nov-2007, 17:22
Any ideas on places to photograph in New Hampshire around the end of November?

3-Nov-2007, 18:29
Just keep in mind the weather around Mount Washington can be very unpredictable and even dangerous in winter.

Ted Harris
3-Nov-2007, 19:21
Can you be more specific about what you would like to shoot? Old mill towns, pristine wilderness? Lakes in winter? Seacoast? Also, what part of the State and how much time do you have? Are you driving from Montreal? ......

I can give you lots of info with more specifics.

3-Nov-2007, 19:29
I was thinking of the Connecticut Lakes region, and Ted, all of those things you mentioned (Old mill towns, pristine wilderness, Lakes in winter) are possibilities. I haven't narrowed it down. Will be coming from the States, not Montreal.

Ted Harris
3-Nov-2007, 19:46
I could go on for several pages about all of your interests and the Connecticut Lakes region in particular. We (Bruce Barlow, Richard Ritter and I) run our Finr Focus Workshops Fall Foliage Workshop based out of Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburg. Additionally I have been spending a week or two in the region every Fall for the past six years so I know it fairly well. Can send you to waterfalls covered bridges, old farms and firetowers ... even best place to spot meece.

See my email for phone number ... too much to do writing.

Ted Harris
3-Nov-2007, 19:49
BTW, the picture I use as my avatar was shot near Eroll in 1994.

Richard Raymond
5-Nov-2007, 10:21
The North Woods area has a variety of stuff. The weather may be a little cool but probably no snow. Moose will be around Pittsburg but most of the deer will have been pushed back into cover because of hunting season. Farms will be bundling up for the winter. Good time of the year to catch early morning, mist rising off the water images. Lakes will still be open (ice only at the edges). As Ted mentioned there are a variety of camps, mills, firetowers to shoot. Also, a number of farms in various conditions. Folks are friendly and willing to accommodate non distructive trespass.
South from the lakes will be images along the Conneticut River including Ox-Bows. South from Pittsburg is Stewartstown with some older mill buildings including the funiture factory in nearby Beecher Falls. From there south will be Colebrook (about 8 miles). Classic Congregational Church, side roads to farms and the River. Beaver Brook Falls may have some water but I am not sure how much this time of year. East from Colebrook is the Mohawk River and the Diamond Pond area. Dixville Notch with shots of the Balsams Hotel across Lake Gloriette can be had from the road or from Table Rock. The east side of the notch has waterfall. Errol is 26 miles east of Colebrook and this area has interest because it is the north end of the 13 mile woods where you can get some photos along the south flowing river. Moose are likely in this area. Lake Umbegog is also in Errol but this time of year there will be little wildlife. Going east from here you could go down to screw auger falls on the Androscoggin River.
If you could give us a little better understanding of your itenerary I think that we could help more.
I was born and raised in the area and like Ted have some understanding of where to go for photos.

David Schaller
5-Nov-2007, 11:13
Don't forget to bring your BRIGHT ORANGE dark cloth! A lot of flatlanders with guns are around for the deer season.