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3-Nov-2007, 08:19
Hello all,

I have a somewhat weird request to make, so feel free to let me know if this is out of line. I have a small personal website (https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/basu/web/index.html) mainly visited by family, friends and folks that click on my link at forums like this. Recently many of my friends have been asking me what exactly a "view camera" is. Normally I would just photograph my ShenHao camera and put it up on the Equipment page (https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/basu/web/equipment/index.html) but at present I am away for a year from my home on a fellowship to the UK and my camera is packed away in a basement back home.

So if anyone would be kind enough to lend me a simple picture of a Shen Hao 4x5 camera, perhaps on a white background with whatever lens then it would be much appreciated. I must say that I cannot pay, so I hope it is alright to make such a request. I would credit the photo to you, and would take it down in a year as soon as I can get back to the US and photograph my own camera. I can't grab a generic photo off the web, so I thought that perhaps the folks on this forum can help me out.


3-Nov-2007, 09:19
"I can't grab a generic photo off the web" why is that?

a google image search should give you what you need :) These were all labled Shen Hao, but double check, as they all look a bit different.




3-Nov-2007, 09:21
a google search will give you what you need :-)

Hello Daniel,

This image would indeed be ideal but I don't own the copyright to it and don't want to use it without the owner's permission.


Andrew O'Neill
3-Nov-2007, 09:24
It's on google. It's public.

Ole Tjugen
3-Nov-2007, 10:00
It's on google. It's public.

That's just plain wrong. Google gathers information and image titles, but holds no copyright to the images. Unless you specifically block search robot access, EVERY image on your website will be "harvested" by google.

Google found it, but copyright remains with the copyright holder.

3-Nov-2007, 10:44
You could always just send an email asking for permission to display the image. I've had tons of requests from folks wanting to use some of my 3d renders and CAD renders for their personal websites. I've always given them permission, unless they were wanting to use it for advertisement and were not willing to pay.

Dan Schmidt
3-Nov-2007, 15:29
if you are worried about copyright you could just link to shen hao's site. While I can't imagine they would mind you using one of their images it might be hard to get a response to an inquiry

If google finds any of Andrew O'Neill's images , does that mean I am free to do anything with them I want? Print postcards or posters for sale?

Jan Pedersen
3-Nov-2007, 15:47
Anupam, PM me your email address and i will send you some of mine, free to use for whatever you need them fore.


3-Nov-2007, 17:48
Jan, kindly sent me some pics to use. Thanks to him and everyone who offered advice.


Rafael Garcia
3-Nov-2007, 18:23

Your website is great. You need to post it at FL!


Darcy Cote
3-Nov-2007, 20:59
I find it funny that you are worried about copyright infringement using images from a Chinese website.:) Usually the Chinese are infringing.

Jan Pedersen
3-Nov-2007, 21:03
I find it funny that you are worried about copyright infringement using images from a Chinese website. Usually the Chinese are infringing.

Two bad don't make one right ;)