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Kreig McBride
4-Nov-2000, 13:00
Anyone know anything about the coverage of a Wollensak Lens 209mm Raptar f/4.5-3 2?? Seller claims it covers 16x20. Sounds like that might be 1:1.

Thanks for your response.

Erik Ryberg
4-Nov-2000, 21:03
If it is like the one I had, the only way you are going to cover 16x20 with that lens is if you melt it down and make a 12" protar out of it.

Mine barely got to the corners of 4x5. It was a tele design. Sharp lens in the center though.

Erik Ryberg

10-Jan-2004, 09:36
please contact me im trying to get hold of two of these:

Wollensak Raptar Copy Lens 209mm f/4.5

SPECS Coated, multi element, 43mm clear diameter copy lens 209mm focal length, f/4.5 with adjustable 20 leaf iris from f/4.5 to f/32. Assembly is 47.5mm long by 74.4mm diameter

Dan Fromm
10-Jan-2004, 10:02
Who are you buying from? The ones I've seen, at Anchor Optical (Edmund's outlet) have had mounting threads in front of the diaphragm, not at the rear. Recently $10 at Surplus Shack, they may still have some.

Presumably optimised for close-up, perhaps usable at distance too. You spend your money and you take your chances.

10-Jan-2004, 10:10
please can you give me a link for Surplus Shack ??? thanks... i need them for a project but need two of them they must have the iris thingys or does that automatically come with them ???

sorry i dont know anything about photography i wish to use them for something else...

Dan Fromm
10-Jan-2004, 15:43

They don't seem to have any more. The iris was part of the assembly. Good luck.

Ole Tjugen
11-Jan-2004, 07:00

What do you need them for? I've just bought one on Ebay, but haven't used it yet So I still don't know what it's good for;)

BTW, I bouhgt it from dagor77...

5-May-2005, 23:01
OH YEA, this dead dog will dog me forever and a day. I bought mine on Ebay and the seller claimed it will cover an 8x10. The only way it will cover an 8x10 is if it is reground in to a Nikon or Schneider or Fuji. The seller is an outright bull shit artist. I just tested the lens and it covered less than my 210mm as I should have known. One should insist one tests and (IMAGE CIRCLES).

We all make mistakes, this one was on the lower end of the spectrum, as is the seller.


Dan Fromm
6-May-2005, 05:30
Um, Curt, if you're going to gripe about sellers, name names. Otherwise all that we learn from your griping is that you're prone to suspending disbelief.

11-Jun-2006, 04:14

What do you need them for? I've just bought one on Ebay, but haven't used it yet So I still don't know what it's good for;)

BTW, I bouhgt it from dagor77...

spares for my robot that i have built....

Joseph O'Neil
11-Jun-2006, 06:26
I have one. Threads on front, ti says "copy lens", so I am not sure what it was made for.

I don't use my Bender int eh feidl anymore, so I leave it mounted there, looks kinda cool, but never used it for picutre taking. Mine has all sorts of cleaning marks on the rear (front?) element.


Ole Tjugen
11-Jun-2006, 08:23
I still have mine - Wollensak Copy Raptar 8¼" (209mm) f:4.5.

Shiny barrel, good coating, lots of aperture blades, but I'm 500km away from it so I can't measure it precisely nor count the aperture blades. At least it has "normal" mounting threads on the rear of the barrel, nothing "exotic".

I haven't used it - I have a 210mm Xenar, a 210mm Tessar, a 210mm Industar, a 210mm Symmar, a 210mm Angulon, a 210mm Protar, and two 210mm Aplanats...

David Karp
11-Jun-2006, 09:07

I now feel better about having two 210s!

Jon Wilson
11-Jun-2006, 13:03
I have a similar beast; I have the 9" (229mm) Wollensak Raptar Copy Lens f5.6 which I picked up in a barrel from Dagor77 and it does cover 8x10. This was confirmed by Dagor77 before it was purchased and afterwards I used it on my 8x10 with no problem. In fact,I recently install its cells in a large Alphax shutter (direct fit) (shutter from a 302mm f4.5 wollensak) and hope to try it out on my V8 (2626). Previously had only used it sparingly on the 8x10 with a "hat" shutter. This plan has since been placed on hold for I am now in the middle of replacing my bellows and doing a restoration on my V8. It will then be my user V8 with a minimum of 34" draw and coupled with a deardorff 8x10 extension back, I will be able to add at least another 12 inches (if memory serves me right). THEN, I will be able to test this 229mm wollensak out along with all the other lens for which there never seems to bee sufficient bellows draw. take care, Jon

Dan Fromm
11-Jun-2006, 13:40
Jon, a while ago I had an opportunity to look at a 209/4.5 Copy Raptar. The one I saw was a tessar type. What is your 229/5.6?

Jon Wilson
12-Jun-2006, 21:27
Jon, a while ago I had an opportunity to look at a 209/4.5 Copy Raptar. The one I saw was a tessar type. What is your 229/5.6?
Dear Dan: Please advise me how many reflections should the tessar type have. The reflections in the the glass show 2 smaller images on either side of the center and when the lens is turned toward the light source, it then shows 4 images, all in a relatively straight line from each other, with the two outer images being larger than the two inner images. Depending on the angle of the lens to the reflected light source, the 4 images converge on the center of the cell. So, hopefully you can tell me what it would be. Thanks. Jon
P.S. Just remembered I have a 210mm f4.5 Tessar in a copal 3 shutter and its lens have just 2 reflections (one slightly larger than the other). Thus, it would seem my 229mm f5.6 is not a Tessar design. Do you know what the design of my 229mm f5.6 might be?

Dan Fromm
13-Jun-2006, 04:10
Jon, the reflection from an air-glass-air interface will be bright. The reflection from a glass-cement-glass interface will be weak and can be hard to see.

Tessars have two singlet lenses in front of the diaphragm and a cemented doublet behind the diaphragm. So a Tessar's front cell should give four strong reflections and no weak ones. Its rear cell should give two strong reflections and one weak one. And the weak one can be hard to see. I haven't been able to discern the weak reflection from the rear cell of a 130/6.3 CZJ Tessar I recently bought, and I've looked at the cell's front and rear.

If your 229/5.6 is a six elements in four groups plasmat type, not impossible, Wollensak made lenses of that type and I have some, then each cell should show four strong reflections and one weak one.

If a 4/4 dialyte type, also not impossible but unlikely, each cell should show four strong reflections and no weak ones.

Hope this helps,