View Full Version : Ilex electronic shutters need info

Kreig McBride
4-Nov-2000, 12:14
I have found an Ilex #3 electronic shutter with 150mm lens. Does anyone have in fo on these electronic shutters? Can they be operated manually? What kind of e lectrical requirement are there (battery, 110 volt)??

thanks for anyones response.

Michael S. Briggs
5-Nov-2000, 14:14
I think Melles Griot took over Ilex, so the following information from a Melles Griot catalog might help.

"To open the shutter a DC signal four times the rated solenoid voltage should be applied to the bi-post connector for three to five milliseconds. To keep the shutter open, a holding DC voltage of one-half the solenoid rating must then be maintained after opening. Removal of this signal will quickly close the shutter." and "Standard solenoids are rated at 48 VDC."

Georg Holderied
25-Jan-2001, 13:09
I have built a controller for these Shutters. see: http://www.chemie.unibas.ch/~holder/shutter/index.html for details. George