View Full Version : older 150 mm lens for 5x7

henry butlerl
6-Nov-2000, 01:09
I am looking for a 150 mm lens that will cover 5 x 7. I am hoping to find someth ing used and maybe a little older than the modern expensive lenses.I dont need m ovements just full coverage for landscapes in b w. What are my choices. Thanks.

6-Nov-2000, 01:13
Dagor or Angulon.

Struan Gray
6-Nov-2000, 07:34
Or an older aerial mapping lens. These are designed to cover 5x5" with red- or IR-enhanced B+W emulsions, but are usually quite well corrected into the blue as well. They are often quite fast wide open, which makesfor easy focussing, and they can be very cheap becuase people forget what they cost when new. Disadvantages are a lack of a shutter, and sometimes an aperture which doesn't stop down very far.

Chauncey Walden
6-Nov-2000, 12:37
Or, if 159mm would work for you, a Wollensak Extreme Wide Angle will cover 8x10.