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29-Oct-2007, 15:02
Does anybody have contact information for Gordon Hutchings? Phone number? Email address? US Mail??

Some time ago (years) he had for sale a set of large format convertible lenses that I was interested in buying but did not have the money; now I do, and would like to buy a set if they are still available.

Thank you in advance.

-- Jorge Ochoa-Lions

Eric Woodbury
5-Nov-2007, 11:13
He's in the phone book. I know that is kinda old fashion. Sacramento.

Eric Woodbury
6-Nov-2007, 12:39
He's also on the Advisory Board at Freestyle:


Kirk Gittings
6-Nov-2007, 16:16
Gordon is a very busy, focused kind of guy. He would probably appreciate being contacted through the Freestyle method.