View Full Version : Filter size for 19" Artar and 12" Dagor

Arthur Nichols
29-Oct-2007, 10:09
Can someone help me out with the filter sizes for these two lenses?
1. C.P. Goerz AM. Opt. Co. 19" Apochromat Artar (not red dot) Ser #767238
2. C.P. Goerz AM. Opt. Co. 12" Dagor Ser#771761
Thanks in advance.

Diane Maher
29-Oct-2007, 10:29
I think that number one takes a push-on series filter 8 or 9 maybe, I can't recall the number. I'll have to go home and look at mine. I don't know about number two.

Arthur Nichols
29-Oct-2007, 10:42
Also a 210 Angulon D.R.P.a Jos. schneider & Co Kreuznach ser#292397
Thanks again.

Robert A. Zeichner
29-Oct-2007, 15:51
61mm is the O.D. for the 19"
60.8mm is the O.D. for the 12"
(according to a databook I have that sometimes is less than accurate)
These lenses usually require a push-on series filter adapter. In this case, both would be series 8, which, is very, very close to 67mm. Measure across the front of the lens with a precision ruler (a caliper would be better) and get me the dimensions. I have a large collection of adapter rings and might have what you need.

The Angulon will accept a 67mm screw-in filter.

David A. Goldfarb
29-Oct-2007, 16:10
I have both of these lenses, and I use 3x3" filters in a clip-on square filter holder made by Voss. It has two adjustable barndoors that can act as a shade, and it cost me about $15 used from KEH. I use it for all my odd sized lenses under 77mm.

Arthur Nichols
29-Oct-2007, 16:59
I want to get to 58mm. All my filters are 58mm. Maybe my Angulon is an early one because the screw in filter ring is less than 58mm. 67 would certainly be too big.
Thanks to all

Steve Hamley
29-Oct-2007, 19:21
I had Adam Dau at S.K. Grimes make an adapter for me; the threads are non-standard but the same on my 12" Gold Dot Dagor and 19" Red Dot Artar. Steep, but you get a twofer.



Jim Noel
30-Oct-2007, 08:51
Why do you want to get down to a 58mm just to prevent buying larger filters? The vignetting this will cause will bring on more frustration than it is worth. Better to bit the bullet and get filters which are large enough. I have several sizes of lenses and use two sets of filters - one is 58mm the other Series 8.

Arthur Nichols
31-Oct-2007, 06:20
It is a bit of a long story but since you asked:
I am working on a personal project that involves stopping the movement of water, longish lenses (16"-19") and large prints 24x30, 16x40 and so on.
I am making 5x7, 5x8, and 4x10 negatives. The negatives have to be on the large size to keep the grain to a minimum in the prints. I use T-Max 400 for the film.
As you know when using longer lenses the shutter speeds in the Copal style shutters are somewhat limited, the faster speeds are not fast enough to stop the movement of flowing water.
Two years ago I bought an electronic Compur #3 and attached it to the front of my lens using black gaffers tape. It had a big enough opening that I didn't get vignetting or had to stop down excessively. I also had my 19" Artat attached to my Deardorff using Gaffers tape. It was an experimental setup to see if I could get it to work and indeed, it did work.
However one day I was photographing on the Neversink River in upstate NY on a very hot day and the glue on the Gaffers tape got too hot and the both the 19" Artar and the #3 Compur ended up at the bottom of the Neversink.You could say the lens and shutter were always sunk.
Both were sent to Adam at SK Grimes and the Compur was pronounced DOA and the #4 Acme that was on the 19" Artar was revived. Needless to say, it was an upsetting and expensive experiment, albeit a successful one.
After this I purchased a focal plane shutter from a speed graphic and attached it to a homemade back for my Deardorff. This worked nice and the extensive selelction of shutter speeds allowed for the fastest possible speeds at varying light levels. The down side was that I was limited to negatives of only 4x5.
My next step was to make an adapter to allowe me to use the focal plane shutter on the front of my Deardorff. I did this and was able to make negatives from 4x5 to 8x10 and could accomodate a range of lenses as well. I even used this setup once with a 24" Nikkor and got good results. The down side of this was that by the time I mounted the shutter and the lense on the Deardorff I had quite a heavy package. I limited myself to locations where the water was less than 100' from the car.
In an attempt to make my setup lighter I went back to my original idea of using another smallish Copal style shutter with fast enough speeds on the front of my lenses. But I was determined that my lenses and shutters would not fall into any body of water again. I made an adapter by cutting a disc from some Bakelite with a 39mm hole in the middle and glued it into a 58mm filter ring. I then mounted the Copal 1 shutter from my G-Claron without the glass on this adapter.
It seems to be quite sturdy and safe.
In conclusion I want to be able to use this contraption on most of my lenses including my 12" Dagor, 19" Artar and 16" Repro-Claron. I don't want to use any push on adapters, I only want to use the screw in type. That is why I want to get to 58mm for all my lenses. Thus the question of filter sizes for the 12 and 19 " lenses (the 16" Repro-Claron has a 58mm filter ring on it) was posted.
Using SK Grimes to make a step up ring seems like the way to go.
Any more questions?
Thanks to everyone who had the patience to read this.