View Full Version : Funky Hotel or Location tween Madison and Chicago

Frank Petronio
29-Oct-2007, 07:03
Any cool retro hotels or upscale tacky places between Madison, WI and Chicago? I am going that way next month and want to line up someplace interesting to shoot.

Thanks, Frank

keith english
30-Oct-2007, 08:42
Since my wife is from neat Lake Geneva WI, we travel their often. Lake Geneva is kind of " resort" interesting. For tacky modern you could try the Dells. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Duane Polcou
2-Nov-2007, 23:22
You want funk? Any motel 6, but use black lights instead of strobes.
"Good God, what is that stuff on the ceiling?"

Frank Petronio
2-Nov-2007, 23:35
haha true

Last crappy motel we shot at the model found pubes in the sheets. Which was odd because she didn't have any ;-)

19-Nov-2007, 18:41
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David A. Goldfarb
19-Nov-2007, 19:10
I'm sure that post was meant for a different thread, but it's kind of surreal here. I like it.

Frank Petronio
19-Nov-2007, 19:25

The Hard Rock on Michigan Ave was a nice big city place with decent decor...