View Full Version : Shelf life PMK

29-Oct-2007, 00:45
I'm aware that PMK part A has a very good shelf life but does anyone know what the expected shelf life of the Part B solution is. Both concentrates by the way. I believe part B is a concentrate of Kodalk.

While you are at it -- any idea on the shelf life of part A ?

Should also add these are mixed from the Book of Pyro formula.


steve simmons
29-Oct-2007, 06:41
I have kept these going for years like yeast. When they get low I mix more and just throw it in the respective containers. It has nver gone bad for me.

steve simmons

29-Oct-2007, 18:19
Thanks Steve,
I was concerned about the part B as I recently had a development run of 3 negs [done as normal] that came out rather flat B being the activator. Because of that I wondered if the B was perhaps prone to oxidation. I had heard that the A was exceptional. I will do a test sheet to check in case it was me -- :) highly likely.