View Full Version : Converting Sinar DB to barrel lens.

Ben R
27-Oct-2007, 15:15

I need a 135mm lens, a very sharp one. I will probably get the Sironar S, in fact I have a WTB on the BS board for one. Thing is that I don't need a shutter for the lens as it will be used with a digital back. So I thought that I might be able to get hold of the Sinar equivelent.

Couple of questions - if I do get the DB version, how do I know if it's the Sironar S and not another model or will it be a foregone conclusion? Can I just unscrew it from the Sinar board, screw it back together onto my regular Lihof technika board and start using it? Will I need some sort of aperture control or will it be built in and if I need an aperture iris, how do I do that?

Many thanks,

27-Oct-2007, 16:22
Other threads here state that the Sinar marketed equivalent of the Sironar S is the Sinaron SE. You won't be able to just unscrew a DB mounted lens from the board and mount it directly on your Technika board. You would need a proper barrel to get the correct cell spacing. Also, the diaphragm is integral to the DB board. Only the cells can be removed easily. So again you would need a barrel with a diaphragm. That might be pretty expensive to make up. Using waterhouse stops would lower cost I suppose, but I would think you are better off getting one in a shutter and just leave it open.

Ben R
27-Oct-2007, 16:30
Or just paying for a Sironar S! :D

Thanks Mikec.