View Full Version : location suggestions around Phoenix/Scottsdale

27-Oct-2007, 12:43
I'm going to be in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona area next week and wondering if anyone has suggestions for locations with good desert roads and mountain backdrops. I'm looking to expand my landscape portfolio towards car photography, so some cool twisty mountain roads or just some simple desert areas with ridges or ranges in the background would be great.
I'm going to be shooting 4x5 Portra and hopefully processing it there. It sounds like Photomark in Phoenix may be my best bet for film etc. Any other suggestions?


nick burchell

Michael Graves
27-Oct-2007, 16:59
Up in South Mountain Park, you will have ample photographic opportunity. There is an old building up there called Mystery Castle that you won't want to miss. Photomark is definitely your best bet for a photo lab and supplies. Good place. I worked there eons ago when the Markows were still was around to run the place.

Alan Rabe
29-Oct-2007, 09:20
Just north of Phx/Scottsdale is the Cave Ceek area. Beyond it is Seven springs all nice places to shoot in. A little farther away and to the east is Apache Junction and the Superstious Mountains. Again there are all kinds of places to shoot there. Neither require 4x4's to get to or drive in.