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27-Oct-2007, 08:55
My wife and I have a small photo business on O'ahu in Hawaii (http://nostalgia-studios.com) and we've made the plunge into large format. So far we shot a little black and white, but nothing worthy of display yet.

We want to thank all the contributors on this forum. We read many, many, many postings on what to buy and what to use. We've been shooting Nikons and the Pentax 67 for years, and always wanted to shoot larger.

We seem to be getting into LF and back into film at the same time everyone else seems to be running away! We bought a used Toyo 45A (checked the bellows for light leaks, thank you someone), a used Besler enlarger, a used Jobo CPP2 processor and jumped in with both feet for less than $2500!

Thanks again to all for the help.

Deb and Mark