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Ken Allen
26-Oct-2007, 08:01
Why did the alert format change from good to useless?

Ever since the forum changed engines many months ago from an email that displayed the contents of the post to and email that provides a link to the post I have not followed or participated in this forum.

I have revisited the website many times to try to figure out how to change the format back to the old way, to no avail.

Today I on get the repetitive "Hello Ken Allen, You are currently subscribed to the forum Business, and a new thread has just been posted."
How useless and a waste of space is that?

Can anyone tell me how to get emails that actually show the content of the posts?

Ralph Barker
26-Oct-2007, 08:32
I think the RSS feed option may be what you're looking for, Ken. Here's the section of the FAQ that discusses RSS:


When we had to switch software, Tom made a concerted effort to replicate the most-used functionality of the old software, as well as providing the wealth of additional features available with this package.