View Full Version : Why not enable the use of html tags?

David R Munson
25-Oct-2007, 17:08
Well, why not? Having to use limiting BB code all the time is a pain.

Ralph Barker
26-Oct-2007, 09:03
As I recall, it was a decision of balancing functionality with security. While enabling HTML would be a plus for the majority, it also enables nefarious types to embed a variety of nasties.

Scott Knowles
26-Oct-2007, 13:09
This is standard with vBulletin's software, or at least all the forums that I've seen it used. I'm miffed it doesn't recognize Safari's userid and password code. It displays but doesn't work.

David R Munson
31-Oct-2007, 19:45
I ask because I use a couple other forums that have enabled the use of html and it's much more convenient, and I have not noticed any larger proportion of spam and other bad stuff.

David A. Goldfarb
31-Oct-2007, 19:50
One thing that allowing HTML does is it allows people to type in different fonts, sizes, styles and colors, which makes the forum look cluttered. I'd rather see everything in a uniform typeface.

31-Oct-2007, 20:41
Well, why not? Having to use limiting BB code all the time is a pain.
what are you needing to post that is above what BB code can handle? I think HTML code would be used by only a very few people, I don't think it would benefit the forums very much, to be honest.

Asher Kelman
31-Oct-2007, 22:18

I use the same VBulletin softeware for my website and it would take all of 20 seconds to allow HTML. However from the security standpoint, we are advised strongly not to do so since it allows malicious entrance beyond where users should be!

Since as here, work is on a voluntary basis, what whine might do as a big commercial operation is beyond the time resources of guys who have a living to make and who out of kindness maintain these great pages for free.

I know there is always a huge pressure of spammers trying to get in and anything to keep them out, even if one loses HTML is worthwhile!


Ken Lee
1-Nov-2007, 05:42
What would you like to do with HTML, that you can't do with the current "advanced editor ?

Most postings don't use much of that functionality.

Frank Petronio
1-Nov-2007, 07:58
I already have a myspace page for when I want to burn eyeballs...