View Full Version : Coverage of Symmar vs. G-Claron 210mm (8x10 WA)

john wilton
25-Oct-2007, 11:44
Just getting started in 8x10. I already have an older 210mm Symmar convertible which seems to fully illuminate the gg with some room for movement, corner sharpness may not matter too much if far corners are sky. Nominal coverage of the Symmar is listed as 297mm; the G-Claron as 260mm in Michael's big list.

Are the lenses at all comparable as wide-angles on 8x10, or is the G-Claron much superior as numerous threads here seem to suggest? Does the circle of the Symmar increase to a similar extent when stopped down?

Kevin Crisp
25-Oct-2007, 11:59
In my experience the 210 symmar is not an 8X10 lens at infinity, though if the corners are unimportant and you are contact printing you might be able to live with it. The G Claron is sharp enough to enlarge corner to corner when stopped down to f:22+ which is where these are commonly used. Movements are limited but real, in the range of 1/2" to 3/4" front rise. This all is highly subjective; my "sharp" may not be your "sharp." Given how much smaller and lighter the G Claron is, it has a lot going for it in this applicable.

Ole Tjugen
25-Oct-2007, 12:29
In my experience they are pretty similar - so I mostly use the G-Claron for weight reasons. Unless I need lots more coverage, in which case I'll use an Angulon. ;)

erie patsellis
25-Oct-2007, 15:18
I have a 210 Symmar Convertible, a Symmar-S, and a 210 Angulon, and while the periphery of the symmars does sharpen when you stop down, the Angulon wins hands down, every time. Not bad for a 50 year old lens, in fact. if you can find one, latch onto it and treasure it.