View Full Version : Any (Un)Happy Users of 65mm Angulons.

sheldon hambrick
28-Jul-1998, 16:24
I'm saving my money for a 65mm Super Angulon, but my trigger finger is getting i tchy. So, I was considering grabbing an older 65mm (non-super) Angulon if I cam e across one for a good deal. I'm planning on using it on a 4x5 or a 2x3 with a 6cmx9cm back, so I don't need a lot of coverage.

I'd like to hear about peoples' good and bad experiences with this lens.

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Ortega
29-Jul-1998, 00:12
Sheldon, Several years back I bought a 65mm Schneider f8 Angulon for a low pri ce. It was not a very good lens. It was not nearly as sharp as my 90 f8 SA. I t would not really cover 4x5. I sold it.

Reading an article in View Camera Magazine some time later, I saw where the 65 f 8 was not considered one of Schneider best lenses (to put it charitably). The w riter was of the opinion the f5.6 SA was a much better lens.

BTW Sheldon, there's a Fuji 65mm SWD in the Photo.net classifieds right now. Go od price. I hear this is a very good 65mm.

Good luck, Sergio.

Sergio Ortega
29-Jul-1998, 00:16
Sheldon, Sorry about the Fuji info...it's a 75mm 5.6, not a 65. Sergio.

Pat Raymore
30-Jul-1998, 15:08

My fujinon 65mm f5.6 is remarkably sharp at distance, even to the edges, however you have to be really careful about focusing at this focal length . Worse yet without a special wideangle fresnel screen your peripheral image wil l be rather dim. Consider the Nikon 65mm f4 as a alternative because of its larg er aperture.