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Alan Cecil
1-Nov-2000, 22:47
I have an old Imagon lens; 300mm. It's a monster...the inside barrel is 3 1/2 in ches wide. It says "compound" on the underside of the front of the lens. What ki nd of shutter is this? and where can I find a mounting ring for it?

Mark DeMulder
2-Nov-2000, 10:18
I also have an older imagon (I just bought it, so it is new to me), although mine is the 250mm which is for 4X5 format. Mine is also mounted in compound shutter, which while older, is a very reliable and sturdy shutter. You can get a flange from steve grimes, and can also learn more about compound shutters from his website at www.skgrimes.com. By the way, mine came without lens caps and steve manufactured custom made caps for me that are very nice.

Brian Ellis
2-Nov-2000, 10:29
The word "compound" indicates that it's a compound shutter. This is an older type of shutter, no longer made AFIK, in which the timing of the opening and closing of the shutter leafs is controlled by an air piston and cylinder, as opposed to the mechanical gear train used to control timing in more current shutters. The compound shutter design was very reliable and so yours may work fine despite its age. I don't know where to find a mounting ring. Do you know the required size? Barring any better leads, I'd talk to Steve Grimes and see if he knows the size. If you know or can find out the size, I'm sure Steve could fabricate one for you. Sorry I don't have his web site handy but his e mail address is (or at least was)skgrimes@skgrimes.com, though that may be dated.

Alan Cecil
2-Nov-2000, 15:12
I called Steve this morning, and he's going to fix me up. Thanks for the tip!