View Full Version : Tele-Xenar 240mm 5.5

Sorin Varzaru
2-Nov-2000, 19:12
Tele-Xenar 240mm 5.5 - Anybody has any info on this? It's not listed on Schneide r web site but I've seen a pictur eof it. And no, it's not a Tele-Arton.

Dean Lastoria
2-Nov-2000, 22:11
I have one. Too small a circle for 4x5. Unless you don't want movements. Great for portraits. I actually love the images it produces, but hate the darn circle that keeps cropping up. Mine is old. Dean

8-Nov-2000, 18:00
There are two more lenses in this category: Rodenstock Rotelar and Voigtlander Telomar. They are all for 6x9 format. Not enough IC for 4x5.

14-Nov-2000, 16:21
me too, got it for a song... a little flat... more a press lens than anything else... infinity on mine is about 150.... decent lens for rangefinding handheld... not good for much else I'm afraid.