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Ben R
21-Oct-2007, 12:48
Just how obnoxious are recessed Linhof boards to use (Copal 0)? It would seem that there is little room to do anything but are they unuseable if that is the only choice, should they be avoided at all costs? Is the 11mm recession just as bad as the 19mm? I notice that most of them are of the offset type, no doubt to allow more finger room, will they all fit through the neck of the camera or is the amount of recession sometimes blocked by the front standards design?

Greg Lockrey
21-Oct-2007, 13:39
If you are talking about the Technica types they are the same as the Ebony and Shen Hao boards. The recesses leave little room to operate the lens opener on my Compur 0 but you can get to the shutter cock and f/stop. You will need a pen or something similar to get to the opener lever. They are offset so that the lens will be centered to the film plane.

Ben R
21-Oct-2007, 13:46
Those are the boards Greg, thanks. How much recess are your boards?

Bob Salomon
21-Oct-2007, 14:21

The latest Linhof 001015 Technika recessed board for 72 to 150mm lenses in 0 shutter has all the controls and aperture scales on the surface of the board. You do not reach into the recess to set aperture, read the aperture scale or use the press focus or see if the press focus is closed. It also is equipped with the new version of the Linhof QR Cable Release socket so the cable release also mounts to the face of the board.

Frank Petronio
21-Oct-2007, 14:46
I found the late chrome dial Sychro-Compur shutters have nice larger levers to manipulate... I'd definitely avoid some shutters that have awkward controls. Press shutters save the difficult cocking action too.

Also, unless you want to go the Linhof QR cable route, the 4-inch long flexible cable release extensions from Gepe are the bees knees for getting your cable releae in there. It is much nicer than the old school cable releae gizmos -- just use a little Locktite and leave it permanently attached to your lens.

Ben R
21-Oct-2007, 15:12
Bob, they also cost a couple of fortunes!

Bob Salomon
21-Oct-2007, 15:57
But Ben,

They solve the problems that you mention in your original post.

David A. Goldfarb
21-Oct-2007, 17:11
I have narrow fingers, so I'm not as good a classical guitarist as Segovia who had thick fingers, but I can manage well enough with a Linhof recessed lensboard.

Greg Lockrey
21-Oct-2007, 20:13
Those are the boards Greg, thanks. How much recess are your boards?

I think mine is 11mm...it's not very much. Mine is a shen hao mounted with a 90mm SA and Compur 0 for an Ebony SV45TE. I don't really need the recess but I also use a 6x17 back and the recess is a help for that. I could live without it though.