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Richard M. Coda
21-Oct-2007, 09:11
I am playing around with Tri-X again after many years. I did some 8x10 Tri-x negs in HC-110 1:40 @ 5 mins (N) @ 75 deg. They came out great (compared to older FG7 negs).

I have another neg I want to try in HC-110, but it is a minus development. My question is, can I lower the dilution (to increase development time) in order to give me the breathing room I need to effect a minus development? A minus development would normally be about 4:24 at 1:40, right?

Thanks to all.


Scott --
21-Oct-2007, 09:20
You can always use dilution H (http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/index.html) to extend times enough to allow N-* developing. And I've added ice cubes more'n once to drop the temperature to effect, as well.

Louie Powell
21-Oct-2007, 09:43
Rich -

I use HC11- in dilution B for 35mm, and appreciate the fact that the development time is fairly short (4 min 30 sec for TMY). But I found that in 4x5, the development time (about 6 minutes for HP-5) was uncomfortably short. I was doing ordinary shuffle development in open trays, and felt that if I had multiple sheets, the fumble factor reduced the amount of agitation that each sheet experienced.

So when I learned about dilution H, I almost immediately tried it, and today my standard is Dilution H for 11 minutes (for HP-5 or Efke 100 cut film). And it has the advantage of making a bottle of developer go further (not so much because of the cost, but because to buy more I have to drive about 25 miles to the only store in the area that carries chemicals).

For N-1, I reduce development time by 3 minutes, and increase it by 3 minutes for N+1. Frankly, I haven't tested those times scientifically, but the practical results have been close enough for me to be happy.

Eventually, I did switch over to a slosher for development, but I continue to use the longer time in Dilution H.

21-Oct-2007, 12:41
dilution D is lovely. It is all I ever use any more.

Contray to the "5 minute warning", there is really nothing wrong with going 4-1/2 minutes. Especially if agitation is continuous - like in a Jobo for example.

The problem with higher dilutions is that you get bigger and bigger grain...dilution H doubles the diltion of B and seems to also double the grain.