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20-Oct-2007, 22:04
Hello All, I have searched through all the past posts and can't seem to find the filter solution I need, so I desperately need your help. Ok, so I have two lenses a 355 G-Claron and a 21" Ilex. Both lenses are plasmats and can potentially be converted. The 355 front element accepts screw in 77mm filters, however I need to be able remove the front element to attain a second focal length from the rear lens ? filter behind lens, my thinking but it has no threads so? The 21" front element is 68mm and the rear is 62mm neither can accept screw in filters because there is no threads. From the past posts Lee has a rubber band holder for gels, I would really prefer not to have to go this option. I would like to be able to have just one filter system. If you could direct me to the proper webpage that would be even better.
Thank you for your help?
PBrooks :confused:

20-Oct-2007, 22:59
I can't help you, but possibly this company can. Their phone number is on the website, and I've always found them helpful.


Rodney Polden
21-Oct-2007, 01:21
FWIW, the standard remedy for this situation in all the advertising and editorial photography studios in London that I worked in as an assistant when I was learning the craft, was just to use two tiny pieces of masking tape.

They only need to be maybe half-inch by three-quarter-inch. Fold each to make a tiny "hinge", and attach on opposite sides of the rear of the lens barrel, so that the flaps of tape extend outwards at a right angle from the rear rim of the lens. Obviously, keep your tape well away from the lens surfaces. Attach the gel filter with a very light touch to the tape, so that it will be reliably held in place. Check that the gel is still flat and dust-free. Now replace your lens on the camera.

Yes, it will leave a small sticky mark on your gel filter when you gently peel off the tape (go slowly), but that will be outside the circle of filter that is within the light-path, and the gel should be undamaged. It's not a perfect solution, but sometimes simple work-arounds end up allowing you to focus on the picture rather than on all the details. And you can't fault it from a cost angle, I guess.

21-Oct-2007, 03:12
The Lee snap system IIRC goes up to either 77mm or 82mm. Why can't you use it on both lenses? It used to be so cheap you could buy a second one if you really wanted. Two holders one set of filters.

Robert A. Zeichner
21-Oct-2007, 04:48
According to factory specs, the OD of the rear cell of the 355 G-Claron is 75mm. I'm not certain what options are available off the shelf for a 75mm to 77mm slip-on adapter for that diameter. One other possibility is to find a 75mm to series 9 slip on adapter. I'm pretty sure Tiffen makes those. I checked a similar adapter I have and strangely enough, it will trap a 77mm screw-in filter under its retaining ring.

I checked the Kodak data book and they only made a series 8 (67mm) adapter in sizes up to 67mm and as luck would have it, I own one of those that I'm not presently using and that I would be willing to sell. It could possibly be adjusted to slip over the 68mm OD of the front cell of the Ilex, but there is no guarantee. It would get you to 67mm which you could easily step up to 77mm. I checked and I don't have a 62mm series 8 adapter, but Kodak and others made them once upon a time. If money is no object, SK Grimes makes custom slip on filter adapters to fit anything you want.

Brian Ellis
21-Oct-2007, 10:41
I used Cokin P (4x4) filters with 8x10 and just held them up in front of the lens by hand. Works fine. No need for holders, no need for adapters, no multiple sets of filters and/or step-up/down rings for different lenses. They should be large enough to cover all your lenses with room to spare so that you can grasp them by a corner and not get your hand in the picture. There must be other companies - e.g. Lee, Tiffen, et al - that make similar filters that can be hand-held and still cover your largest diameter lens if for some reason you don't like Cokin.

21-Oct-2007, 13:37
Thanks guys. I was just trying to not use gels, I'll call 2filter in the morning. Thanks again