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Doremus Scudder
20-Oct-2007, 03:19
I've been re-reading Sandy King's article on staining developers and notice that he recommends a UV filter for printing on conventional black-and-white papers. My question: How many of you use a UV filter when printing and, which filter is recommended?

I have always done all my printing w/o a UV filter, in the belief that modern enlarging lenses were corrected for the UV that the paper was sensitive to and that no degradation of sharpness would occur without one. Am I correct here?

Maybe Sandy would like to check in here?

Thanks in advance.

Doremus Scudder

Doremus Scudder
26-Oct-2007, 05:03
I'm going to bump this back to the top of the list in the hope that someone knowledgeable about this missed it the first time through. I'd really like to be better informed on this subject. Thanks all for your patience

neil poulsen
27-Oct-2007, 00:37
Interesting. I don't use a UV filter. But, that's not because I've made a rational decision against it. It's just that I ain't never done it before.

I know that I would prefer to use any filter above the negative, and not below.

27-Oct-2007, 08:35
I know the enlargers I use have UV filters built in to the light supply. I suspect others may be similar.

Renato Tonelli
27-Oct-2007, 11:54
I have place a UV filter above my light mixing box (Durst L1200) for printing Ilfochrome and I have left it there for B&W as well. I had read (CTEIN?) that the filter is helpful in rendering a sharper image when printing. I have never been able to find out if my enlarger already has it built-in.

27-Oct-2007, 15:58
That's just for xenon or florescent, right? You wouldn't need it with tungsten or halogen, I'd think.