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Laura Blance-de-Fernandez
30-Oct-2000, 22:09
I wonder if anyone can advise me as to how I should go about having my photograp hs published ? Do I need an agent ? Should I approach Art galleries and the like ? Should I try to deal with magazines directly ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Laura Blance-de-Fernandez

31-Oct-2000, 11:20
I don't have any magic answer to offer, but you'll find extensive discussion of such topics if you go to www.photo.net/photo and type

< "getting published" >

in the Search box.

Good luck. . . .


Wayne Crider
31-Oct-2000, 11:25
Laura, there is a book out called, "Sell & Re-Sell your Photo's" by Rohn Engh thats pretty good. You might want to read this and maybe check out other books available at Borders or B&N bookstores. There's a wealth of info in these books about all aspects of selling and getting photo's published.

31-Oct-2000, 13:05
both view camera and lens work will accept portfolios for consideration. you will have to look in the magazine for details on sending your work to them.-J

Trevor Crone
31-Oct-2000, 14:56
Laura, I have always delt with magazines directly with some success. Try to sbmi t work that fits their style of publishing. Images illustrating a technical aspe ct would suit a photographic mag. for example images illustrating extreme wide a ngle photography or something on infra red photography. Send about 20 10"x8" prints or slides and caption each image well with the techn ical details. If you are good at writing then propose an illustrated article wit h your chosen mag. With regard to galleries this often requires a lot of "leg-work" by just visitin g the galleries in your area and showing your work which must be well presented. This is a difficult area to get into. I had a fair bit of sucess with a few Lon don galleries some years back but I've fallen on stony ground this last year or so. Just be determined, don't be put off by failure and don't take "no" for an answe r but above all believe in yourself. I wish you well.

Doug Paramore
31-Oct-2000, 19:19
There is an annual book called "The Photographer's Market" that lists just about anyone who buys photography for publication. It has a zillion addresses and contacts. It should help. As you are aware, competition is tough and you will have to make multiple submissions in a "shotgun" approach. You will have to hit the publisher at a time when he or she has a need for your particular photographs. Above all, you will need several sets of duplicate prints or slides.

Good luck with it,