View Full Version : Iceland- any LF photographers there?

Christopher Nisperos
18-Oct-2007, 13:11
OK, dumb question. I know about Ingolfsson Gudmundur, but have no way of contacting him. I've googled it every whichway.

I need your help in helping someone . . . A couple of days ago at the Large Format camera store here in Paris, I met a young, French LF photographer living in Iceland. He was buying a camera and accessories and was to return to Iceland the next day. He asked me if I knew of any photographers there whom he could contact. I said I'd check. Hence, here I am, on his behalf.

If you know of any large format photographers there who wouldn't mind being contacted (or if you have other useful Iceland photo-related info), it'd be really kind of you to forward the information (either here or to my email address or both!). I'll then forward the info to him, in turn.

Thanks in advance.



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