View Full Version : Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 150mm lens measurements

18-Oct-2007, 13:09
Hello--nothing too exciting here, I would just like to find out some of the dimensions, weight, image circle, and other usual vital statistics for this lens (in a Press Compur shutter). I've had no luck with a Google search, so I'm turning to the experts.
Thanks for the help,

Vick Ko
18-Oct-2007, 13:37
front diameter: 42mm
Length from lensboard to front: 27mm
Length from lensboard to back: 10.7mm
back diameter: 37mm
shutter diameter: Press Compur - 69mm
thickness of shutter body: 12mm
hole for shutter in lens board: 41.8 mm hole (Copal 1)
I don't have a weigh scale, I can't weigh the lens accurately.