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gari beet
18-Oct-2007, 11:34
I have just seen some Polaroid T52 on ebay quite cheap(so far) but it states it has been frozen since purchase. I am sure I read somewhere that freezing destroys the chem pod, though I am think that was for T55, is this true, and if so T52 also?



Mark Sampson
18-Oct-2007, 11:58
Polaroid specifically tells you not to freeze any of their instant materials. It's labelled like that right on the box.

gari beet
18-Oct-2007, 12:38
Thanks for that, guess I won't be bidding then!


Colin Robertson
18-Oct-2007, 16:12
Gari, this came up recently. Someone posted here to say the DID freeze polaroid, and it was ok. Of course, I am now damned if I can remember who it was. Hopefully your post title will catch their eye (if they're around).

PS- Lovely colour work!!

Pat Hilander
19-Oct-2007, 15:02
Someone also posted on here recently that they store their unopened boxes of Polaroid sheet film vertically. Polaroid reccomeds that you keep them laying horizontal.

I keep mine stored flat in the refrigerator.