View Full Version : My first foray into LF

Jonathan Block
18-Oct-2007, 11:22
Hi all. Figured I'd post my first foray into large format, and introduce myself at the same time. Long time serious hobbiest, occasional paid photographer. I was introduced to these forums by Nicolai Morrisson, and I think I can honestly say I've been sucking down all your collective knowledge as fast as my feeble brain can take it.

Purchased my first LF last night, a Toyo 44CF, and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival into my greedy hands. Thankfully, Nicolai was kind enough to let me shoot his Toyo, so I'll post those, since they're my first.


Hope to learn even more from you wonderful people.

[Edit: I just found the introductions forum, could a moderator move me over there please?]

John Kasaian
19-Oct-2007, 16:04
Beautiful shots, Jonathan!

19-Oct-2007, 16:11
welcome to the group.

Ralph Barker
19-Oct-2007, 16:44
It's cliché, but welcome to the dark slide, Jonathan.