View Full Version : Repairing a Kodak lens

Wayne Crider
30-Oct-2000, 15:29
I have a Kodak Anastigmat Special lens, clean glass, F4.5 100mm B-1/400 in a No. 1 Supermatic shutter, which focuses, that I took off an old Kodak Monitor camer a to use on my Century Graphic; Formats the same. The shutter speed is the same regardless of the setting. When you get to this point of repair, is it wise to r epair or buy another or something else? If it's worth it, who's good on Kodak.

Marcus J. Wilson
30-Oct-2000, 15:40
S. K. Grimes.

David A. Goldfarb
30-Oct-2000, 20:12
Info at www.skgrimes.com.

sheldon hambrick
31-Oct-2000, 13:32
The slow speed gears are probably dirty/gummed up. Try cleaning it. This was the case with all of the older shutters that I've run across that were firing at the same speed. I have no issues with professional repairs, but when it comes to servicing shutters that have no overwhelming monetary value, I always try it myself first.