View Full Version : Contact Frame - Hinged Back or not?

Scott --
17-Oct-2007, 15:38
Hi, all -

I'm making a contact printing frame for the 5x12 negatives I'm shooting, and I'm wondering if I should hinge the back. I'm not quite sure why the back is traditionally hinged. I have an old 5x7 frame I use that's hinged, and I've never used that split back once.

Do I need to split and hinge the back? Archaic feature? Lemme hear it.


Rick Moore
17-Oct-2007, 15:45
The split back is very handy with printing-out processes. It allows you to open the back and check out the exposure without losing registration between the negative and the print material.

Oren Grad
17-Oct-2007, 15:52
Rick has the main reason. Also, if you're trying to make a print in which the positioning of the paper within the frame is critical, it's easier to get it right with a split frame because you can make sure the paper is in place as you lock it down with half of the back, and then you can close the other half without disturbing the position.