View Full Version : Is the Linhof back Grafloc compatible?

dennis Lee
27-Oct-2000, 23:08
I'm currently using a Graflex Century Graphic (2x3) and have a desire to jump up to 4x5, specifically I'm dreaming about a Linhof tech IV or preferably a V. Reason: the rangefinder.

From the various responses in this forum it seems the rangefinder is very accurate on the Linhof (any comments here would also be appreciated). My problem is that the Linhof accessories are 'so' expensive. I was looking at the Wista Rangefinder today and it's accessories are much more affordable. Unfortunately the camera's rangefinder is not as versatile as the Linhof's.

Will accessories belonging to the Grafloc family, such as the Wista or Horseman film backs and viewing hoods fit on a Linhof? How about the Wista 4x5 to 5x7 adaptor?

Thanks, DL

27-Oct-2000, 23:43
Your best bet for a complete answer is to contact Linhof's product representative, Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com).

Bob Salomon
28-Oct-2000, 08:13

As we are also the Wista distributor we would welcome your choice of a Wista as well as a Linhof